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  • Trash On Your Back Challenge April 21 through April 25 2014

    Trash On Your Back Challenge April 21 through April 25 2014

    Recently we participated in a local Home and Business Expo. We had a (2) raffles for our visitors to win, we raffled off (2) 10 Yard Dumpster Rentals, while we had many reactions and comments, we left knowing one thing for sure, some people own up to their trash and others do not. When asked if they would like to win a chance for a free dumpster rental, some people smiled and laughed and commented, wow, I need this and would love it and eagerly proceeded to fill out the raffle form. Others looked away as if we were embarrassing them by asking.Let’s face it we all have trash, junk, waste, clutter that needs to be removed from time to time, it is a fact of life, no need to be embarrassed about it.

    This is why the Trash on Your Back Challenge for 2014 caught our eye. For 5 days if you are up for the challenge, you carry your trash around on your back (no food scraps). Most people who have done the challenge before are amazed at how much trash they are responsible for. This program is aimed at schools so the students will see the full impact of what is disposable and how much waste they actually produce. We all have trash, but it is up to us to keep our trash manageable to help with recycling and to ease the burden on landfills. Check it Out, We found it to be an interesting and worthwhile challenge.

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