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  • New spring ad!

    Al's Rubbish ad for 4-1-16

    A 15 YARD, 2 TON DUMPSTER. $350 only. 7 DAY RENTAL, household debris only.


    Spring is in the air and with that comes a healthy dose of spring cleaning! Call today and mention this ad to take advantage of our spring special – 15 yard dumpster, up to 2 tons of residential trash, for $350!

    New Spring 2016 special!


    Take advantage of our new Spring 2016 special! 15 year dumpster, good up to 2 tons (residential debris only), only $345!

    Spring is finally here!

    Well, finally the flowers have bloomed and the trees are budding. Spring is here in Central Mass after a very long winter. Many homeowners are now renting dumpsters for yard clean ups, cellar and basement clean outs. Our roofers are busy as well replacing roofs from the damage that was caused by the Winter of 2014-2015. Dumpster Rentals are at an all time high this Spring.


    This has caused us to make a few changes. Al’s has over 200 dumpster ranging in size from 10 to 30 yard. The demand for these dumpsters is incredible. Due to this fact we have had to temporarily change our rental time period from 10 days to 7 to allow for faster turn around time so we may accommodate all our customers. If you rent a dumpster PLEASE adhere to the NEW 7 day rental limit. Once the clean ups and the roofing has slowed down, hopefully we can return to our usual 10 Day Rental Period. We appreciate your patience with us as we try to service all our customers in a timely and professional manner.

    Finally April 1st, is it safe to say the Winter is over?

    Roofs, Lawns, Outdoor Fencing, Patio Furniture and Decking have all taken a beating.

    Big Spring Clean Ups are in Everyone’s Future!

    Al’s Rubbish is offering a 15 yard Dumpster for house clean out/ residential debris for $335.00. Two ton limit and 10 Day Rental Period to help you get your Spring Cleaning done.

    We are also offering SPECIAL contractor’s rates for anyone that needs a dumpster for new roofing.

    Financially this winter also took its toll on our customer’s pocketbooks as well as their mental health,  lost days of work, closed businesses and increased electrical and heating costs.

    We are here to help you in whatever way we can so that you can enjoy the Spring and Summer we all deserve.

    We are now approaching our busiest season, so if you do plan on Spring Cleaning or Roofing in the near future, please call and reserve your dumpster.

    Spring is around the corner!

    Spring 2015 is around the corner or so the calendar says.  Being in business for 20 years has taught me a few things most of it is common sense.  One is “Yes this much snow WILL MELT”   The question is will it melt slowly enough so the frozen ground is able to absorb it or  will a  60 degree day paired with a deluge or rain wash it away right into the path of garages, basements and cellars?

    The best way to protect your home and valuables before all this snow melts is to make sure anything stored in your basement or garage is elevated off the floor, you can accomplish this with blocks and pieces of 2 x 4’s.  Raising cardboard boxes filled with memorabilia, pictures or cherished family Holiday decorations will save you the agony of having to throw these away after they become water soaked and ruined. We hope that your basement, cellar or garage does not incur any water damage, but preparing for it is the best way to keep things dry and safe.   No one can predict the weather so it is better to plan ahead and play it safe.
    In the unfortunate event that your basement, cellar or garage is flooded by the remaining snow.  Al’s Rubbish and Container Service, Inc. can come and clean up the mess, we are fully licensed our men can come in and clean out what you want to go and take it away.  We can also supply dumpsters to you if you wish to do it yourself.  If the unfortunate does happen, keep in mind you want to clean up the water and the debris quickly before mold is able to form, which causes all kinds of structural and health problems for you and your family.
    Give Al’s Rubbish a Call 508-865-4193 we can help.