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  • Finally April 1st, is it safe to say the Winter is over?

    Roofs, Lawns, Outdoor Fencing, Patio Furniture and Decking have all taken a beating.

    Big Spring Clean Ups are in Everyone’s Future!

    Al’s Rubbish is offering a 15 yard Dumpster for house clean out/ residential debris for $335.00. Two ton limit and 10 Day Rental Period to help you get your Spring Cleaning done.

    We are also offering SPECIAL contractor’s rates for anyone that needs a dumpster for new roofing.

    Financially this winter also took its toll on our customer’s pocketbooks as well as their mental health,  lost days of work, closed businesses and increased electrical and heating costs.

    We are here to help you in whatever way we can so that you can enjoy the Spring and Summer we all deserve.

    We are now approaching our busiest season, so if you do plan on Spring Cleaning or Roofing in the near future, please call and reserve your dumpster.